Two traditionally designed terraces comprising of two flats and 11 houses featuring the Sussex vernacular tradition of hanging clay tiles and rendered walls. SRE supported the contractor through both the planning and construction processes developing an energy strategy to address the requirement for 10% energy offset via on-site renewable technologies. SRE also advised on the sustainability measures necessary to achieve building regulation compliance and CSH Level 3 certification. As a result all units feature mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, photovoltaic panels, permeable paving and number of ecological enhancements. The project fulfilled its requirements and illustrates how affordable but high performing rural homes can be built to reduce tenant running costs.

Client: Guinness Hermitage
Main Contractor: PMC Construction & Development Services
Architect: RBA Architects


'Working with SRE is always an absolute pleasure. From design stage to post completion their proactive approach has been extremely helpful.'
John Black, Contracts Manager, PMC Construction and Development Services