Kingston Barge Dock Site - harnessing the warmth of the Thames

SRE is currently working on an exciting new project that will take advantage of the UK’s first Open Water Heat Pump. 

NHP Developments, run by Mike Spenser-Morris acquired the site of Kingston Power Station in 1999, on the banks of the River Thames.  A 137 apartment block and 142 room hotel were constructed on the site and completed in 2014.  The eco-friendly development is harnessing the energy for its heating and hot water directly from the Thames in a pioneering community heating system.

SRE is currently working on the SBEM modelling and energy statement for a further new development forming part of the same site which will consist of an upmarket restaurant, associated services and 9 flats above. This new development will connect to the water source heat pump system.

For further information on this or other similar projects, please contact SRE.

Kingston Dock

Kingston Dock