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Image Credit: Brookes Architects
Boone Street, London

A mixed-use development located at 65 Boone Street, London with a new place of worship on the ground floor, ancillary flat and 9 no. private residential units across the 4 storeys above.

SRE undertook Daylight, Sunlight & Overshadowing Analysis in accordance with BRE guidance to ensure the impact on surrounding residential properties exceeded the recommended standards with the proposed development in place. Internal Daylight levels were also assessed, and SRE ensured that all rooms complied with BRE guidance, again with the vast majority of rooms exceeding these recommendations set by the industry.


Private Client

Main Contractor:

Princes Gate Properties


Brookes Architects


‘SREs assistance in solving some of the technical challenges in reducing energy consumption and meeting current sustainability standards has been exemplary over the ten years we have worked with them.’
Ian Felgate, Director, Brookes Architects