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Chantry Quarry, Guildford

A luxury development of 15 homes within an old chalk quarry close to the centre of Guildford. SRE supported the planning and subsequent construction processes and advised on renewable energy requirements and the delivery of CSH Level 3. SRE undertook a SAP assessment in support of CSH, and to meet building regulations. The units feature rainwater harvesting, green roofs, solar hot water heating and wood burning stoves. All the units in the site achieved CSH Level 3.


Latchmere Properties Ltd

Main Contractor:

R Durtnell & Sons Ltd


Brookes Architects Ltd


‘It has been a pleasure to work with SRE. From a contractor’s perspective they have provided a pro-active approach offering guidance as well as assessment.'
Richard Bleach, Contracts Manager, R. Durtnell & Sons Ltd