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Christ’s Hospital School, Horsham

Christ’s Hospital School constructed a new catering facility with ancillary offices and teaching rooms as an extension onto the existing dining hall, whilst retaining the listed ventilation tower.

SRE provided SBEM modelling and Thermal Comfort Analysis (TM52) to inform the M&E design and confirm compliance with the tender specifications and Building Regulation Part L requirements.

Through our involvement the architect and M&E contractor were able to maximise the use of natural ventilation within various spaces through refining and redesigning the window specifications, whilst maintaining suitable energy efficiency standards and not compromising the wider school security.


AD Mechanical Services Ltd

Main Contractor:

ARJ Construction


NRAP Architects


‘Having worked with SRE on recent commercial projects, I found their staff to be knowledgeable and very easy to work with. They were always happy to provide advice or assistance when asked and did so in a prompt and effective manner.’
Aaron Tilley, Managing Director, AD Mechanical Services