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Fareham College, Bishopsfield Road Campus, Fareham

The replacement and refurbishment of three education blocks for Fareham College. SRE worked with Bouygues UK Construction to ensure the delivery of BREEAM ‘Excellent’ and ‘Very Good’ ratings, including a Building User Guide and energy strategy report for the new and upgraded education buildings at the Fareham College, Bishopsfield Road campus.

The BREEAM ratings are required to address planning policy and meet the college’s funding standards. SRE worked closely with the Bouygues BREEAM assessor prior to taking on the assessment of the whole scheme and advising the construction team on the BREEAM criteria that needed to be delivered.


Fareham College

Main Contractor:

Bouygues UK Construction


Perkins Ogden Architects


‘SRE have provided a highly professional service throughout the five years of working with them, meeting the exacting demands of an ‘Excellent’ project. They have been both proactive and flexible to ensure that maximum BREEAM credits can be achieved without placing unnecessarily onerous demands upon the project budget.’
Colin Crowther, Senior Project Manager, Bouygues UK