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Garden Road, Richmond

Garden Road consists of two five-storey blocks providing a total of 65 apartments and an office block on a formerly derelict commercial site. The scheme was constructed using an Austrian prefabricated timber modular panel design and achieves excellent thermal performance and very low levels of air permeability. SRE supported the scheme through the planning process and provided Sustainability and Energy Statements along with an Energy Strategy to address the London Borough of Richmond’s sustainability checklist requirements and 20% offset from on-site renewable technologies. SRE also undertook the environmental assessments and compliance with Building Regulations Part L during the construction phase and provided advice on the innovative Genvex all-electric heating system and the inclusion of a large (100kWp) PV array. The scheme successfully delivered CSH Level 3 & 4 – in excess of the planning requirements and resulted in a highly energy efficient scheme for residents and tenants.


Harepath LLP

Main Contractor:

Exel Construction


Brookes Architects Ltd


‘SRE have assisted Harepath with Energy and Sustainability advice for over seven years. They provide us with effective solutions, adapting to client preferences and taking into account a variety of feasibility factors. They always conduct themselves in a timely and professional manner and are a pleasure to work with’.
Peter Whiteway, Partner, Harepath LLP