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Hornchurch Leisure Centre

The construction of the new Hornchurch Sports Centre by London Borough of Havering, comprising a 25m swimming pool, larger diving pool with a movable floor, tennis courts and an expanded gym.

SRE provided computation fluid dynamic modelling of the proposed ventilation system within the swimming and diving area in order to evaluate the HVAC design in relation to air flow and heat transfer processes. As a result of SRE’s input and modelling, the initial M&E design that Pope Consulting had inherited on the project was found to be satisfactory in meeting the relevant CIBSE Guide B & G standards.


Pope Consulting Ltd

Main Contractor:

Metnor Construction Ltd




‘We had a complex and interesting single hall, twin pool leisure centre with multiple fabric supply ducts that required CFD analysis to show velocities and temperatures at all level. SRE provided an excellent service with detailed analysis and a comprehensive report. Many thanks to all at SRE.'
Neil Champion, Managing Director, Pope Consulting Ltd