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Image Credit: MAA Architects
Kew Foot Road, Richmond

A new 3-storey office block built on an existing builders’ yard in a largely residential area on Kew Foot Road, Richmond.

SRE’s energy specialists carried out Daylight and Sunlight Analysis to assess the impact of the proposed office block on surrounding buildings. We worked with the design team to ensure the development complied with BREEAM requirements and local planning policy.

Thermal Comfort Analysis was undertaken to assess the risks of overheating and to ensure the thermal comfort conditions comply with BREEAM requirements. Following ‘best practise’ guidance of CIBSE TM52, SRE’s energy specialists assessed the proposed development’s overheating risk in relation to the intensity of heat gains, occupancy patterns, building orientation, shading strategy and ventilation in response to the relevant requirements for the development.


Palladian Ltd

Main Contractor:



MAA Architects


‘We have worked with SRE since 2007 on a variety of project types and scales. In every one of these projects SRE have proved proactive, diligent, highly knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.’
Matthew Allchurch, Director, MAA Architects