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Image Credit - Assael Architecture
New Malden High Street, Kingston Upon Thames

An exciting development in Kingston Upon Thames, New Malden High Street is a nine-storey mixed-use building comprising of 49 residential units and ground floor commercial space.

SRE completed Microclimate – Pedestrian Wind Comfort Analysis for the proposed space to ascertain the impact on pedestrian comfort with respect to wind velocity. A transient Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) wind study was performed analysing wind directions for different seasons throughout the year to provide a thorough comparison against the Lawson Comfort Criteria. Mitigation measures such as soft landscaping and localised solid panels were recommended to improve wind conditions.



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Assael Architecture


‘I have worked with the SRE team for over 12 years. They are consistently a safe pair of hands in respect to identifying and managing environmental risk on projects and keeping to timetables and fees, so for every job they give me at least three less problems to worry about.’
Greg Dowden, Director, WSP