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Nottingham Legend, Nottingham

An exciting 40-bedroom Student Halls of Residence with associated landscaping on Lower Parliament Street, Nottingham. The proposed five-storey residential space, formerly the Nottingham Legend Public House, will provide functional student housing, communal spaces and office space.

SRE is fulfilling the BREEAM AP role to ensure the smooth delivery of BREEAM New Construction 2018. SRE has also produced an Air Quality Report, Indoor Air Quality Plan and an Energy and Sustainability Statement. SBEM modelling was also carried out to ensure all space conditions are functional, safe and healthy.

SRE’s involvement at these early design stages will ensure lower energy and water use, lower carbon emissions and lower operational costs. Those occupying the space will be able to live and work in an environment which promotes health, wellbeing and productivity.

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SRE’s BREEAM Pre-Assessment demonstrated how the Nottingham Legend site could achieve a ‘Very Good’ rating under BREEAM New Construction 2018. The Pre-Assessment was undertaken as a ‘Fully Fitted’ assessment to reflect the scope of works and highlighted credits likely to be achievable. By appointing SRE during the early design stages, our client has been able to maximise the BREEAM score.

In support of the Pre-Assessment, SRE produced an Air Quality Report and Indoor Air Quality Plan, as well as providing an Energy and Sustainability Statement which included Passive Design Analysis and BREEAM LZC Feasibility.

The proposed Nottingham Legend development is within Nottingham City Council’s Air Quality Management Area (AQMA). Therefore, SRE have considered construction-phase and use-phase impacts for both internal and external air quality and recommended solutions for their reduction. The Energy Strategy does not incorporate gas-fired or solid/oil-fuelled energy sources meaning there are no associated NOx and PM10 emissions. SRE’s recommendations for the Nottingham Legend development would be air quality neutral according to benchmarking assessment methodologies for building and transport emissions.

SRE has written the Energy and Sustainability Statement (including Passive Design Analysis and BREEAM LZC Feasibility Study) to demonstrate design solutions for delivering reduced energy and water use, carbon emissions and operational costs compared to a Building Regulations compliant design. The Energy Strategy follows the Energy Hierarchy of Lean, Clean, Green and Seen. To minimise CO2 emissions in line with Planning Policy set out by Nottingham City Council, the chosen Energy Strategy includes Lean passive and active design measures to include enhanced building fabric and heating controls, a connection to the District Heating System where viable and communal Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) to provide heating and hot water.



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'The Cordage Group have worked with SRE on a number of small, medium and large scale residential and commercial projects across the whole of the UK in the past five years. Through SRE's clear and highly constructive advice on matters of energy, sustainability, air quality and daylighting, Cordage recommends SRE to all of its clients when working on new projects. SRE act as sole practitioner for the Cordage Group with regards to sustainability due to the competence, time-keeping and cost-effectiveness.'
Jake Russell, Associate Planner, Cordage Group