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Image credit: Brymor
Southampton Cruise Terminal

Architects, engineers and planners require cutting-edge simulation technology to accurately predict complex behaviours in and around buildings. SRE’s building physics specialists created bespoke CAD and modelling workflows to support efficient and accurate decision-making during the design stage of Southampton Cruise Terminal.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) was undertaken to evaluate the HVAC design in relation to air flow and heat transfer processes in peak summer and winter weather conditions. Additional services carried out on the Cruise Terminal include SBEM modelling to comply with Building Regulations Part L2 and Thermal Modelling which produced an accurate and detailed assessment of the Cruise Terminal’s predicted environmental performance.

The risk of overheating in buildings is becoming more common due to the increasing use of lightweight construction methods, the high levels of insulation and low air permeability rates required to meet increasing CO2 emission and energy performance standards. To combat this, an Overheating Analysis was undertaken to inform any risk of overheating whilst addressing thermal comfort levels throughout.




Main Contractor:

CEI Electrical Ltd


Stride Treglown


'We have had the pleasure of partnering with SRE since 2017 on a range of projects. They have always provided an excellent and responsive service.'
Richard Hawkings, Head of Design, Brymor