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Image Credit: Storage King
Storage King UK Sites

Five large assets in Storage King’s expanding UK self-storage property portfolio – Bedford, Crewe, Dartford, Derby and Gloucester.

Storage King have committed to achieving a minimum of 40% reduction in CO2 emissions in support of their ESG & Net Zero Carbon strategy and financing requirements at these 5 sites. SRE’s building physics specialists surveyed, assessed and dynamically modelled these sites to ascertain the present building performance, predicted baseline CO2 emissions and proposed likely carbon reduction options. SRE provided various commercial options to provide a reduction in CO2 emissions such as retrofitting high efficiency lighting & controls, replacement improved glazing and roof-mounted solar PV.

An Energy Reduction Statement was provided to give an overview of the impact of the potential carbon reduction measures and helped inform a Net Zero Carbon Road Map that has been incorporated into the ongoing Storage King portfolio upgrade as part of their wider ESG Strategy. SRE’s advice has ensured short-, medium- and long-term emissions reduction targets in line with Storage King’s ESG Strategy and Net Zero Carbon ambitions. SRE’s ongoing support has been instrumental to ensure emissions are reduced at a rate consistent Storage King and their investors’ requirements.


Storage King

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Storage King


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‘Storage King have always been pleased by the service, professionalism and knowledge of the team at SRE. SRE have assisted us on a variety of projects over the years and provide clear, cost effective advice for our schemes. We look forward to continuing our relationship with SRE on future Storage King projects.'
Emma Chesterton-Kay, Head of UK Property, Storage King