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Alistair Grills - Director - Alistair Grills Associates
White Lodge, Richmond

Located in Richmond Park, White Lodge is the home for students studying at the Royal Ballet School. It has a planned proposal to extend the existing boarding houses to provide an additional 22 accommodation units.

SRE developed the energy strategy by following the GLA Energy Hierarchy of Lean, Clean, Green and Seen in order to address relevant planning policy requirements. SRE’s building physics specialists also produced a Thermal Comfort Analysis to assess overheating risk.

SRE’s involvement during the early planning stage has meant the additional units will deliver lower energy and water use, lower carbon emissions and lower operational costs. A Low & Zero Carbon (LZC) Feasibility Study was carried out to provide a detailed analysis of suitable renewable energy technologies. The study illustrated to our client how they could achieve a 35% improvement over baseline CO2 emissions.

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SRE’s LZC demonstrated how the proposed extension at White Lodge will continue to integrate with the surrounding environment but also benefit the surrounding area socially, environmentally and economically.

In support of Building Regulations 2013 Part L2A, SRE utilised SBEM software as the basis for energy modelling. Passive Design measures were considered because of the limitations posed by the building being listed. SRE recommended that all glazed areas of the proposed extension have elements of shading. Due to the fixed orientation of the building, SRE recommended further glazing in adequate locations to ensure sufficient daylight provision is achievable in habitable spaces. The site isn’t on a mains gas supply, and it was therefore recommended for heating and hot water to be provided using an LPG boiler – not only improving efficiency but also reducing CO2 emissions.

SRE concluded the proposed extension at White Lodge has the potential to deliver a reduced energy demand by incorporating LZC technologies. Alongside an LPG boiler, it was also recommended for an MVHR system to be integrated within the design to improve overall heating efficiency. The results from the Thermal Comfort Analysis concluded a form of comfort cooling would need to be installed to diminish overheating risk and to ensure building users are comfortable year-round.


Alistair Grills - Director - Alistair Grills Associates

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'Having worked with SRE on White Lodge, I found their consultants to be knowledgeable and easy to work with. They were always happy to provide advice and assistance when asked and did so in a prompt and effective manner.'
Alistair Grills - Director, Alistair Grills Associates