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Indoor Air Quality Plans (IAQP)

Poor indoor air quality is linked to a number of issues such as health deterioration and poor performance of building occupants.

Indoor Air Quality Plans (IAQPs) encourage a healthy internal environment through the specification of appropriate ventilation, equipment and finishes. They are used for public and commercial buildings and are a requirement for BREEAM within the HEA 02 issue. They can also form part of a broader Air Quality Assessment.

SRE’s team of sustainability experts advise clients on the acceptable levels of contaminants, materials with low emission levels and thermal conditions that may negatively affect the health, comfort and performance of the building’s occupants.

Ideally, IAQPs would be prepared prior to RIBA Stage 2 so they can inform the HVAC design, and completed prior to Detailed Design (RIBA Stage 3) so they can be embedded into the relevant architectural specifications.