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SBEM is the Government’s methodology for analysing the energy consumption of new and existing non-domestic buildings.  It is used for compliance with Building Regulations Part L2 and for the production of Energy Performance Certificates (EPC).

SBEM energy ratings provide a means of assessing and comparing different buildings with respect to their thermal performance, fuel supply and system specification. Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) are generated from the calculations and are mandatory for all new buildings and prior to sale/rent for existing buildings.

SRE’s qualified and experienced Low Carbon Consultants and Assessors use dynamic modelling software (IES Levels) to undertake detailed modelling and technical advice to design teams to enable them to achieve the increasingly complex Part L requirements and Zero Carbon standards.  SBEM is also used in support of Energy Statements for planning and to demonstrate compliance with the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards (MEES) 2018.