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Findlay Matheson
Senior Building Physics Consultant

Findlay is a Senior Building Physics Consultant and leads the Energy & Compliance team. He is involved in performing SAP and SBEM assessments along with Energy and Sustainability Statements and Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs).

Findlay has a Bachelor of Architectural Studies (BAS) from the University of the Witwatersrand and a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (BEng Mech) from the University of Johannesburg, both in South Africa. He also has founded and run a building energy efficiency consultancy for 8 years and has experience working within the architectural sector for 6 years across two different practices. Through this time Findlay has performed energy modelling on 1000 buildings in addition to solar studies, thermal bridge analyses, psychrometric comfort analysis and NFRC fenestration modelling.

In his spare time Findlay enjoys playing, writing music and playing board games with friends.