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‘The project was to build 7 luxury flats above a 19th Century locally listed Public House, in West Hampstead- The Alliance Pub.  We had extreme BREEAM requirements as part of the S106 and indeed this was my first development with any BREEAM requirements. We had an existing BREEAM consultant on board and I along with the whole team found his approach costly, challenging and confusing. It seemed we had quite a mountain to climb. I took the unusual decision to change BREEAM consultants midway through the project and appointed SRE. This was a great decision; the difference was incredible and suddenly the mountain became a mole hill. SRE were so responsive and hands on. They took control and led us through the whole process and troubleshooting in a pragmatic and cost-effective manner. I cannot recommend SRE enough, they were literally the most professional consultants that I dealt with.’

Mark ReynoldsDirectorResidall Property Limited