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This resource is intended to provide a simple guide to support a project team in completing the required documentation and evidence by each relevant stage of a BREEAM New Construction 2018 assessment.

Each BREEAM issue has been split into an appropriate RIBA Stage, during which the evidence should be completed, to enable a smooth and comprehensive assessment process.

These checklists are generic and should be used in addition to the advice of a Qualified BREEAM AP or Assessor, not in place of such advice. SRE has a team of experienced BREEAM APs and Assessors, licenced to undertake all of the BREEAM methodologies. Please contact us (call us on 01730 710044 or drop us a line) should you require a BREEAM assessment, AP or advice for your new or existing project.

NOTE: This resource is currently under development and will be continually updated.

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