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The BREEAM Accredited Professional (AP) qualification demonstrates specialist skills in sustainability and environmental design combined with a high level of competence in the BREEAM assessment process.

In recognition of the contribution a BREEAM AP can make to the design process, up to three BREEAM credits (BREEAM NC 2018 or BREEAM NC 2014) are available if a BREEAM AP is engaged from RIBA Stage 1 / 2 of a project.

SRE’s qualified and accredited BREEAM APs, who are also licensed BREEAM assessors, work with clients and design teams providing expert advice on environment sustainability, environmental design and environmental assessment. They facilitate the team’s effort in finding effective solutions to scheme compliance, target setting and performance monitoring. Although the BREEAM AP role is independent to that of the assessor’s, SRE’s BREEAM APs, can also undertake the BREEAM assessments and apply for certification.

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The requirements of a BREEAM AP include a recognised academic/vocational qualification in a relevant build environment discipline or at least three years’ work experience/on-the-job training. It’s also a requirement for BREEAM AP’s to maintain their knowledge by undertaking a minimum level of prescribed CPD and attending an annual briefing.

Although BREEAM AP’s are licensed BREEAM Assessors, there are differences between the two roles. An Assessor’s role is reviewing and offering feedback on the evidence provided whereas the BREEAM AP plays an active role within the design team. A BREEAM AP will focus on encouraging integrated designs, using BREEAM as a framework to establish the desired level of sustainability performance in cost effective ways, as well as successfully championing sustainability onsite. The timely input and expert advice BREEAM AP’s offer contribute toward the success and sustainability of projects.

At SRE, BREEAM AP’s demonstrate their continued engagement during the design process by creating interim reports on project work undertaken and consistently demonstrate enhanced scope in sustainable guidance. Essentially, the role of the BREEAM AP is to deliver as much expert, specialist knowledge as is required to boost the environmental performance of the build. SRE’s BREEAM AP’s offer their assistance at every stage to ensure the build is positioned for the strongest BREEAM score possible.

To avoid project delays and the potential for unnecessary additional expenses, SRE would recommend a BREEAM AP is appointed during the earliest stages to ensure key advice, knowledge and assistance is provided from the offset of a project. For further information and advice, please get in touch here.