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BREEAM Refurbishment & Fit Out

BREEAM is the world’s leading environmental assessment methodology for benchmarking the environmental performance of residential and commercial buildings. It evaluates the procurement, design, construction and operation of a development against a range of performance targets, through BREEAM New Construction,  BREEAM In-Use or BREEAM Refurbishment & Fit Out.

SRE’s team of  sustainability specialists are highly experienced and work alongside design teams to identify the most cost-effective and practicable solutions for their projects enabling them to build out a project which not only meets the necessary environmental criteria but also adheres to the realities of the budget.

BREEAM aims to balance the environmental performance of a building with the need for a safe and healthy internal environment. SRE is licensed to undertake: BREEAM New Construction and RFO, BREEAM Domestic Refurbishment, BREEAM Bespoke and BREEAM Fit Out.

We also provide a number of technical BREEAM reports to support the assessment process, such as Building User Guides, Life Cycle Assessments, Thermal Modelling, Post-Occupancy Evaluations, Indoor Air Quality Plans and Daylight Calculations.