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Energy & Sustainability Statements

Energy & Sustainability Statements provide detailed calculations for base-line energy use, an assessment of energy efficiency measures and analysis of suitable on-site low carbon and renewable energy technologies to minimise CO2 emissions and operating costs. Energy & Sustainability Statements are required by many Local Planning Authorities to show how a development will meet the local sustainability policies for energy and CO2 reduction.

SRE’s in house team of experienced energy experts provide bespoke Energy & Sustainability Statements to accompany both outline and detailed planning applications and can also be tailored to comply with and support environmental assessment requirements including BREEAM.

Following the Energy Hierarchy and having a pragmatic approach to meeting the relevant planning standards, they will work with design teams from concept stage to ensure on the most innovative and cost-effective technologies can be designed into a development from the outset. Our experience across a broad range of residential and commercial developments, combined with our expertise in SAP, SBEM and BREEAM certification ensures that our advice at the planning stage is both cost-effective and deliverable during the construction stage.