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Planning Pre-Assessments

A Planning Pre-Assessment provides an invaluable insight into the design and specification requirements needed to achieve certification in various methodologies including BREEAM New Construction, BREEAM Domestic Refurbishment, LEED, HQM and Passivhaus.

Planning Pre-Assessments are required by Local Authorities as part of a planning submission to demonstrate that a scheme can achieve policy requirements for various energy and environmental assessment methodologies, and can be used by the design and project team to inform the overall design and construction process to ensure compliance with the relevant standards at practical completion.

SRE’s detailed knowledge of planning policy coupled with our extensive experience of environmental assessment methodologies enables us to advise on the most appropriate and cost-effective measures which will demonstrate future compliance with the required standards.

Whether a project is aspiring to achieve an ‘Outstanding’ rating or a ‘Pass’, SRE’s experienced in-house consultants provide the level of support required to achieve a successful and deliverable assessment post planning.

For assistance with BREEAM NC 2018, please see our BREEAM Hub for checklists, guidance documents and templates organised by their relevant RIBA Stage.