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Sustainability Statements

SRE provides Sustainability Statements which propose a range of appropriate sustainability measures and assess their inter-relationship across a development and its neighbouring area. The statements cover social, environmental and economic measures and are produced to accompany planning applications, primarily for mixed-use and commercial developments. They include Sustainability Checklists, energy and green roof assessments and will reference environmental methodologies such as BREEAM where required, as well as the latest planning policy requirements of the respective Local Authority.

SRE is actively engaged in researching innovative technologies and materials to remain up to date with the latest technological developments, as well as the most recent changes to environmental and planning policy.

SRE has extensive experience of responding positively and strategically on behalf of clients requiring Sustainability Statements, often to tight deadlines.

Combined with the elements of an Energy Statement, a Sustainability and Energy Statement forms a comprehensive Sustainability Strategy for the site which can be submitted in support of the Application.