Whole Life Carbon Assessments

Whole Life Carbon (WLC) Assessments are recommended for anyone aiming to minimise all the carbon emissions associated with their development.

SRE’s sustainability specialists work with clients to ascertain the embodied energy, as well as the operational energy load of a potential development. Workable solutions are then identified to reduce lifetime emissions.

WLC Assessments enable SRE’s clients to not only reduce the carbon emissions of the built environment but to take a lead in sustainable design and construction.

WLC Assessments are a key planning requirement within the Mayor of London’s New London Plan for both large-scale developments and the replacement of existing buildings. The Assessment can be linked with Energy and Sustainability Statements and Circular Economy Statements. SRE uses dynamic modelling and OneClick LCA software to complete the WLC Assessments and ensure the work is both accessible and transferable during the lifetime of a project.