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Meeradevi Kathaliyil
Building Physics Consultant

Meeradevi is working as a Building Physics Consultant and provides support on Thermal Comfort Analysis for Part O compliance on residential and commercial developments for SRE’s Environmental Modelling Team.

Meeradevi is an Architect with four years’ experience in Dubai and India. She has worked with various architecture practices and has been part of several residential, commercial, mixed-use and high-rise projects. While in India, she also hosted a media program discussing residential projects in the region.

Meeradevi has developed a genuine interest in the field of sustainability and graduated from the University of Liverpool with an MSc in Climate Resilience and Environmental Sustainability in Architecture. Her dissertation evaluated the energy performance of Electrochromic windows in the UK.

Apart from sustainability, Meeradevi is also passionate about space architecture and designing in extreme environments. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family and watching movies.